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Istanbul is a wonderful city, so every traveler will definitely like to visit it. This city perfectly combines the cultures of Asia and Europe. Istanbul is considered to be one of the biggest cities in Europe and the world. Today, a lot of tourists prefer to spend their vacations in Istanbul. There are many interesting places to visit and see in the city. Istanbul also impresses guests with its amazing attractions, amazing architecture and diverse nightlife. The city also provides its guests with a wide selection of restaurants, hotels and shopping places. In this guide, you will find useful tips and recommendations which will help you plan your travel to Istanbul. Best Places to Visit and See in Istanbul Yedikule Fortress. This fortress was built by the Emperor Theodosius II during the 5-th century. It was used for defending the city. Later, the fortress was used as a prison and place of execution. Yedikule Fortress is one of the most popular Istanbul’s attractions today. So, you must definitely visit this place and see the fortress to get familiar with the history of the city. Istanbul Archaeology Museum. Do you take a deep interest in archaeology? Then you should definitely visit this wonderful museum during your vacations in Istanbul. No doubt that you will be highly impressed with museum’s collection of artifacts. The collection unites the best artifacts from Turkey and Middle East. Sultan Ahmet. It is one of the top historical places of the city. Blue Mosque will definitely impress you with its beautiful architecture and interior decoration. Blue Mosque is known as the architectural gift of Sultan Ahmet to the city. Galata Tower. Galata Tower is another interesting historical place of the city. It is a beautiful cylindrical tower that is nine floors high. The tower has the pointed roof. Here, you will manage to enjoy fantastic views over the Golden Horn, the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara. Obviously, you must visit this wonderful place when traveling in Istanbul. Dolmabahce Palace. You must definitely visit this place during your trip to Istanbul. The building of the palace is performed in a neo-baroque style. It has 3 floors and basement. This historical place that dates back to 1843-1856. Mustafa Kemal used the palace when visiting the city. Dolmabahce Palace is a museum today, so everybody can visit it! Best Hotels for Stay in Istanbul Dersaadet Hotel. The hotel is perfectly located in the central part of the city and provides guests with easy access to all major Istanbul’s attractions. The hotel offers 17 rooms to its guests. Hotel’s rooms are equipped with the following facilities: flat screen TV, minibar, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, personal toilet and bathroom facilities. Hotel Sultania. It is another good hotel for stay in Istanbul. The hotel offers 42 comfortable rooms to its guests. Hotel’s rooms are equipped with the following facilities: satellite TV, DVD player and FREE Wi-Fi. Guests of the hotel are also provided with up-to-date gym, an indoor pool and sauna. Hotel Sultania is ideally located in the Sultanahmet district. So, if you stay at this hotel you will quickly manage to reach all major attractions of the city. The Four Seasons in Sultanahmet. This wonderful hotel is ideally located in the central part of the city. The hotel offers 65 comfortable rooms. Hotel’s rooms are designed in beautiful Turkish style and equipped with the following facilities: CD/DVD players, flat screen TV, coffee makers, bathroom and toilet facilities. The hotel’s restaurant will impress you with its great dishes. The modern gym and spa center are also available for guests of the hotel. Best Restaurants in Istanbul Doy Doy. Are you looking for the place where you can try the best dishes of Turkish cuisine? Look no further! Doy Doy is a popular restaurant where you can always try the most delicious courses of Turkish cuisine. The restaurant’s menu includes a lot of great dishes from Turkish cuisine. Tourists, who plan to visit this restaurant, are recommended to try grilled meat, Turkish pizza and kebabs. The restaurant’s food is great and excellent! Hamdi. Hamdi is considered to be one of the most popular restaurants in Istanbul. The restaurant’s menu will impress you with its amazing dishes. If you decide to visit this wonderful restaurant you should definitely try Fistikli Kebap. Moreover, the restaurant has a lot of great desserts in its menu. The restaurant has friendly, professional and fast-operating staff. Hamdi is the place where you can try good food at affordable prices. Ciya. Ciya is another popular restaurant in Istanbul. Its menu contains the best dishes of the local Turkish cuisine. Ciya is the place where you can taste a lot of tasteful vegetable and meat meals. The restaurant is especially popular among tourists. So, you will manage to see a lot of foreigners in the restaurant. Ciya is an expensive restaurant, but the quality of its food is high. Best Places for Shopping in Istanbul The Spice Bazaar. You will definitely manage to enjoy shopping at one of the best markets in the city. The Spice Bazaar will provide you a splendid opportunity to buy dried fruits, herbs, nuts and spices. The Spice Bazaar is one of the most popular attractions in Istanbul, so many tourists prefer to visit it. The Grand Bazaar. It is another popular place for shopping in Istanbul. Moreover, the Grand Bazaar is considered to be one of the most popular shopping malls in the world. A lot of interesting things are available for sale on this market. Vialand Shopping Mall. Vialand Shopping Mall is a large and up-to-date shopping mall in Istanbul. It is an ideal place for shopping. The mall provides visitors with fast food courts, comfortable playing areas for children, 3D cinemas, cafes and restaurants. Ottomania Carpet Store. Istanbul has been always known among travelers for its high quality carpets. Would you like to purchase a carpet during your trip to Istanbul? Visit Ottomania carpet store to buy a good carpet. The store offers a wide selection of carpets that range from $1000 to $10000. It is a good place where you can buy a beautiful silk carpet in Istanbul.


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