Stockholm: The Venice of Scandanavia

With its multitude of canals, narrow waterways and bridges, it is unsurprising that Stockholm is known as the 'Venice of Scandanavia'. Founded on a single island during the 13th century, Stockholm has now grown into a vast, metropolis teeming with life and sights for the intrepid tourist. Perhaps one of the best ways to explore the city is by boat. Have your camera ready because along the way you'll see numerous beautiful sights: The Royal palace with its sumptuous Romanesque architecture, the green spires of Storkyrkan Cathedral and Stockholm University, numerous life-like statues along the riverside and in the background, the city’s skyline of ultra-modern buildings; soaring above their reflections in the crystal clear waters. Truly, the city is a marvel to behold. One of the most captivating aspects of Stockholm is how easily the modern and the ancient fit beside each other. For anyone interested in experiencing the city’s history, I highly recommend visiting Gamle Stan – the island from which Stockholm originally grew. Among its cobbled, winding streets and medieval buildings, you'll find plenty to see: from the imposing architecture of The Nobel Museum and Riddam Cathedral to the historic plaza of 'Stortorget' - home to the old Stockholm Stock Exchange Building. When you think of nations with a strong culinary tradition, Sweden may not be the first that immediately pops into your mind. Nonetheless there is something to be said for their often simple, but effective dishes. While visiting Stockholm you should definitely sample the local seafood. With their close proximity to the Baltic Sea and centuries of fishing behind them, the Swedes have truly mastered how to cook sea food in so many different, versatile ways. Interestingly, the waterways in Stockholm are so clean; some of what you eat may actually come straight out of the river! There is never really a bad time to visit Sweden. In winter, heavy snowfall gives the city the feel of a winter wonderland while in summer, the long days and short nights produce a climate similar to that of Southern France or Spain. In that and so many other ways, Stockholm is a city of two halves; a melting pot of history and culture that is sometimes striking but always interesting and exciting to explore.


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