How to Be Safe and Happy When in Bangkok

It feels great to get an opportunity to travel to a distant land and learn everything about their culture, traditions, and values. It doesn't matter in what part of the world you're in, a visit to Bangkok will definitely prove an enlightening experience. There is a lot to see and do in Bangkok, but if you're traveling for the first time, it makes sense to plan things better and learn how to be safe in this highly congested city. If you’re planning to visit Bangkok there are some precautions you should take for your personal safety. Below are some tips which may help you on the streets on Bangkok. Daily Precautions Pickpockets: Pickpockets are one of the most common things in Bangkok. Since it’s a big city and there is a great hustle and bustle you never know when your pocket will be picked in crowd. For the sake of safety never carry your wallet in the back pocket of your pants. And if you’re a lady make sure that you’re either carrying a hand clutch or you carry a bag with tight zip closure and keep it snuggled to your shoulders. It is worth mentioning that pickpockets are small thieves they seldom try to take risk because all they want to do it easy stealing. Therefore, if you won’t give them a chance to steal anything they won’t do you any harm and will try to run. Remember this and try to act sanely according to the situation. Mobile Phones: Many people are being busted out whenever they carry fancy phones like iPhone or Samsung. Try to avoid using phone as much as you can whenever you’re on the streets of Bangkok because you won’t get a hunch when somebody can swoop by and grab you phone to disappear in front of you. Motorcycles: Motorcycles are considered as the most vulnerable of vehicals in Bangkok. As mentioned above it is a very big city and there is always a fuss on roads due to which small vehicals like motorcycles are caught in accidents much. Although it is never suggested that you never carry motorbike in Bangkok but you should know the odds of it. Lastly, if you’re on motorcycle in Bangkok never carry your bag on your shoulders, always strap it around your neck or body so someone can never think to grab it. Scams Since Bangkok has a good deal of tourism around the year there is a good chance of scams and frauds. There are some things you should know about tourism. For instance, Tuk Tuk driver are people who would approach you and say that they will take you anywhere and all they will charge is 20 TBH. He will appear sober and serious to you but if you proceed with him he will take you to gem stores of Bangkok because Tuk Tuk drivers collect commission from them. So, be careful. Don't forget to come back to check out the next part of this article to learn what else you need to know to have a safe and exciting time in Bangkok.


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